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Treating Bed Bugs With Steam

Bed bug infestations have been on the rise in the US since the mid 90′s.  Bed Bugs were nearly eradicated in the developed world until that time.  The exact reasons for the resurgence are unclear but increased international travel, the stoppage of using DDT as an insecticide and the cyclical nature of the organism most likely all play a role.  A bed bug infestation can be very alarming and prove a challenge to overcome.  Infestations in the US most likely occur because of  travel.  One guest at a hotel may have come from an infested habitat with eggs or bugs catching a ride on their luggage.  During the guest’s stay the eggs are deposited in the hotel room and over time hatch and attach to another guest’s luggage and catch a ride home.  Pet’s and other animals can be a source of transporting them as well.  Holes in walls, light sockets and electrical outlets can be conduits of travel between apartments or condos.  To get all the details about bed bugs, you can visit the Wikipedia bed bug page.

Once you have determined you have an infestation you can treat it.  Hot steam is one very effective way of eliminating a bed bug infestation.  Steam cleaners are safe, have no toxic chemicals and the extreme heat kills the bugs and larvae.  The most important thing to remember is to go slow and be thorough.  You can treat mattresses, furniture and baseboards with steam.  Putting a cloth over the tip of the steamer and going slowly along the seams of the mattress, corners of furniture and between the floor and baseboard will attack the most prevalent hiding places of bed bugs.  Here’s a video showing how slow to go over these surfaces, the sound isn’t great, but it shows professional pest control technicians being trained in how to treat bed bugs with a steamer.  The steamer isn’t ours…but regardless the brand, the method is the same.

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New (and improved) Product Support System

We have implemented a new product support system that we think will really increase the speed, accuracy and quality of our product support.  Our new online ticket system will allow customers to create support tickets via email or through our support page.  Customers will be automatically emailed updates as their case is worked on by our support technicians.  Our goal is to provide top of the line customer and product support as quick as possible.  To log a case simply email or visit our support page at

~steamxtreme team